8000LX Questions

1. How do I determine whether my Stentura 8000LX has 2 Meg or 4 Meg of RAM memory?

A basic determination is that all 8000LX's with a serial number of 8045120 or above have 4 MEG and any lower serial number would have 2 MEG.  The significance of this only comes into play when you are loading a dictionary.  The 2 MEG writer will hold approximately a 75,000 word dictionary which is adequate for most theories except the Phoenix theory.  For larger dictionaries like Phoenix you need the larger 4 MEG memory.

2. I have heard that the parts for the 8000 and the 8000LX are no longer available.  Will this be a problem in maintaining the writer?

Actually there are plenty of parts available both new and used for the Stentura writers.  Many of the identical parts are currently being used in the Protege and the Fusion.  Stenograph can make the claim that the parts are no longer available because the part's number is changed.  The parts themselves are identical.  In the case where the part is not available from Stenograph we have sourced those parts from alternative channels.


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