Stentura Lubrication Instructions

Stentura Lubrication Instructions

To ensure that your writer is kept in top level condition, the following maintenance is required.

Daily: Keep your Stentura covered when not in use. Put it in the carrying case or use a Stenograph dust cover.

Monthly:  At least monthly, and more often if it gets shiny, clean the Platen with a lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing). Rub briskly until the Platen has a dull, clean finish.

One to Two Years: Your Stentura may need cleaning, lubricating, and routine servicing by a trained service technician. Many users have their machines serviced annually. If your usage is light, service may be performed every two years. Be sure that such servicing is undertaken only by a Stenograph Technician or one of our Authorized Service Providers.

Area 1: Platen Bearings

Turn your Stentura OFF. To avoid getting grease on the platen be sure there is paper in the machine and covering the platen. Locate the two holes on the frame--one on each side of the platen. Insert the nose of the StenoLube1 greaseinto one of the holes as far as it will go. Gently squeeze a small amount into the hole. With the nose of the tube still in the hole, slowly turn the platen with your finger while continuing to apply grease. Stop applying grease once the hole is filled. Be sure to remove the nose of the tube from the hole before releasing pressure on the tube to avoid suctioning the grease out of the hole. Repeat these instructions for the other hole. Grease weekly if you average 8 - 10 pads of paper a week.

Area 2: Paper Feed Roller

This area requires StenoLube2 oil. With the cover open and your machine OFF, turn the Stentura on its side. Apply a drop of StenoLube 2 oil between the roller and the shaft it rotates on. Repeat for the other side. Oil this area about twice a year.

Area 3: Platen Gear

Turn the Stentura ON. To avoid getting ink on the platen be sure to put paper in the machine or remove the ribbon. Squeeze a small amount of StenoLube1 grease onto the gear. Rotate the gear, either with your finger, or by pressing any key enough times to advance the gear through 2 or 3 complete revolutions to spread the grease evenly. You should only have to grease this area twice a year.


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