Stentura and Stentura LX software updates

Version 2.0

New Features
-A/An Resolution
-Able to make J-define entries directly from the Stentura
-Multiple Asterisk Delete
-Print Direct
-Improved charging screens

Version 2.03.2

Program Code Fixes
-Minor issue loading the dictionary with particular Flash memory.

Version 2.04.1

New Features
-Additional punctuation characters in Spell Mode for J-defines
-Definable delete strokes
-Battery warning messages now occur closer to the real end of battery life
-Battery cycle charge function
-The LCD screen is periodically re-initialized in case of static discharge
-Realtime improved so if the connection is broken, file stays open
-Premier Power Extra / Other margins no longer cause a problem

Version 3.01 (Optional Upgrade)

New Features
-Reopen a closed file
-Time stamping
-Able to display disk directory
-Improved modem features

Version 4.00 (Optional Upgrade)
Version 1.0 (Stentura LX)

New Features
-Enhanced Battery Performance
-Scroll through text
-Search for last untranslate
-Save all J-Defines

Version 4.01
Version 1.01 (Stentura LX)

Program Code Fixes
-Ability to read from diskette via cable
-Ability to disconnect the writer during Bench Conference Feature in Realtime
-More accurate Percentage of RAM Remaining
-Errant Timestamping information corrected

Version 4.02

Version 1.02 (Stentura LX)

Program Code Fixes
-In some cases there may have been a delay while writing realtime
-Timestamping on some files would be incorrect

Version 1.04 (Stentura LX)

Fixes Powers Off issue and Secondary Margin Display issue.

Version 1.05 (Stentura LX)

For Stentura 8000 LX writers that experience a lag in realtime when time stamps are enabled on writer.


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