How do I Clear the Memory on my Stentura Protege?

You can clear the Stentura Protégé memory at any time.  The memory does not need to be full to clear.   When the Stentura Protégé memory reaches capacity, no further steno strokes are recorded in memory. It is very important to clear the memory if you are using software that translates steno notes from memory.

To clear the memory, follow these steps:

  1. Press the 3rd and 4th gray buttons simultaneously to access the clear memory mode.

  2. Release the buttons. You will hear a short beep when you release the buttons and the RAM icon will flash.

  3. Press and release the 3rd and 4th gray buttons again. The writer clears the memory and confirms this action by:

    • sounding three short beeps.

    • displaying the memory blocks.

    • changing the flashing RAM icon to a solid display.

If you do not want to continue clearing the memory after you have begun the process, after the RAM icon flashes, press any other gray button on the writer to exit the clear memory mode.


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