Installing USB Drivers

If you are writing Realtime and have an élan Mira, Fusion, Protégé, Cybra, Wave, or Diamante writer, you need to install the drivers necessary for the writer communication with Case CATalyst via USB cable.

  1. On the Auto Play window from your Case CATalyst version 12.x installation CD, click on Browse for Drivers, Release Notes, and more.

    • If you do not have this window, click on your Start menuComputer, right click your D: drive (if your CD, DVD/RW drive is not the D: drive select the appropriate drive), and select Open.
  2. Double click StenographDriverInstall file.

  3. Installation will begin.

    NOTE: You may be prompted by your UAC (User Account Control).  To allow the installation to continue, click Yes to continue.

  4. When the Finish button appears click Finish.

  5. Plug your USB cable into your writer and computer.  Turn the writer on. You will receive a message saying the device was successfully installed.



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