Rent-to-Own FAQ's

How long must I rent?  The minimum time frame for a student rent-to-own is 6 months and the minimum time frame for a pro rental is 3 months.

How do I return my writer?  Please use our support system and submit a ticket and we will get back to you with additional information.

Must I let you know what my intentions are at the 3 or 6 month point during my rental?  No it is not necessary to contact us.  As per your agreement the lease changes to a month to month lease automatically and will continue until the writer is paid off or the writer is returned.

How can I find out what my buy-out price is?  You can contact us using our help desk to find out your buy-out price.  Please include your name and contact info.  As an alternative you can calculate your own buy-out price.How do I calculate my buyout price?  You can easily calculate your buy-out price by taking the purchase price of the machine which is listed on the lease minus 100% of the deposit and 100% of all your payments minus any late fees or sales tax.  (ie: $900.00 purchase price of writer minus $200.00 deposit minus 100% of 8 monthly $70.00 payments: $900- $200- $560= $140.00 buyout price good until your next due date.)

Must I pay sales tax? Any writer shipped to anyone in the State of Florida must pay sales tax on their monthly rental.  That's between 6% and 7.5% depending on the county.

Can I upgrade to a nicer writer? If you are on the student writer program, then generally if you have completed at least 6 months and kept your account in good standing then you can upgrade.

How do I upgrade my writer?  In order to upgrade you can do it two different ways. First you can simply re-rent a more advanced writer and return the current rental. You would keep any accessories that are the same between the two writers. Generally in this situation we will waive the restocking fee for the initial writer as long as it's still in good condition.  The second way to upgrade is to purchase the first writer rental and then use the equity in the first writer to help pay for the upgraded writer.  

If I upgrade to a nicer rental machine, what happens to the equity I built up in my first rental? If you rent a 2nd writer the equity follows you until you return the writer or purchase.


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