Poor Printing of Notes on a Writer

Why are the characters not printing dark enough on my steno paper with my Stentura?

The ribbon may not be fully seated. Turn the Ribbon Advance knob and see if the ribbon turns. If it does not, reset the ribbon firmly. Turn the knob again to ensure that the ribbon is seated properly.

The ink may have settled while the ribbon sat on the shelf. To evenly distribute the ink, turn the Ribbon Advance knob 10 to 15 rotations.

The key contact may need adjusting.

The other issue we see is grease and oil on the black ribbon feed roller (tire).  That will prevent the ribbon from turning when you move the blue ribbon advance knob. To correct this issue, dip a q-tip in alcohol and thoroughly clean the black rubber tire, while you are slowly turning the blue knob. Check to be sure that the silver wheel, which is above the black rubber roller, is touching the roller. Also make sure that the spring is in place this spring is a thin metal wire which can be seen just to the left of the silver wheel.

If the above doesn't help the print quality your machine might need to be adjusted by our writer technician.  Please fill out our service form and send in the writer for an estimate of repair.


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